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Robin Woodell, CFP

Robin Woodell, CFP

Financial Planner

Robin Woodell is a Financial Planner with Emerald Financial Group. She has been in the business of educating and assisting people with financial wellness for over 15 years. She has a rather interesting path into financial services.

After graduating with an undergraduate degree in Education, and a Master's degree in Vocal Performance, she had the opportunity to follow a passion of hers to become a professional opera singer. After 8 years of traveling the world, through a series of life changes, she exited the performance world and found a new passion in financial planning. She loves the fact that her background really supports her creative process in finding solutions for her clients in a more tangible way.

In 2019, Robin was the recipient of the Walter C. Parks award, the Maury Stewart Award, and the 2019 Gold Advisor of the Year with her current firm. Previously, she has received citations and recognition over the years in life service, entry into the annuities Masters' Council, and was recognized nationally in 2018 for a national financial planner of the year award with her previous broker dealer. She is specially trained and certified to speak to groups all around the Charlotte area on a monthly basis educating individuals, especially women, on the basic building blocks of financial wellness. Awards and recognitions are not reflective of investment performance or client experience and do not predict the recipient's future success.

When she isn't working in her business, she enjoys spending time with her family, leading as a small group leader in her church, and volunteering for organizations such as FCA, Beds for Kids, and Charlotte Rescue Mission.