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Nasia Shearod

Nasia Shearod

Recruiting Coordinator

Nasia Shearod is a graduate of Kennesaw State University, where she earned her Bachelors of Arts in Music Education with a focus in Choral Education. Post-graduation, she taught several private students, pursuing her desire to inspire young musicians to mindful wellness that music brings.

She then transitioned into the role of Enrollment Specialist at Benalytics Consulting Group LLC., where she assisted individuals in enrolling in health coverage at the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace, Medicare, and Medicaid. It was there that she rediscovered her passion for cultivating safe and constant communities and opportunities for marginalized individuals and groups. Her philosophy is that all are deserving of whole wellness- the key to leading a fulfilled and sustainable life- and that aid and support can be accessible for all.

Her other passions include music, education, reading as many books as possible, and being the best dog mom she can be.