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Tomas H. Parks, Ph.D., CLU, ChFC

Tomas H. Parks, Ph.D., CLU, ChFC

Managing Partner and Special Needs Planner

My mission is to be a transformational force in my community. The group impacted the most is my family. I have the best wife, Nancy, and we have spent over 34 years doing life together. She is not only my partner but my best friend. Together we have two grown children, each of whom is married to an awesome spouse, and five grandchildren under 4. As you can imagine, the little ones keep Nancy and I quite busy most weekends. One of my favorite things to do is to pick up my grandkids and take them grocery shopping with me (during which time I spoil them with candy but don't tell their parents).

The next group of people that form the community around me are my friends at Church and at my company, Strategic Planning Group. I have been involved in Church all of my adult life and I have served most of that time in youth ministry as a leader of students. I value the next generation tremendously which is why I spent time in Academia as a Dean of a school of business and a Professor of business. I believe that we have a responsibility to raise up the next generation of leaders and to deal them a better hand than we were dealt.

The whole purpose of Strategic Planning Group is to be a positive force in building our community, champion a cause that is bigger than profits, offer an exciting career to our Partners, and create a family of people connected by a common desire to helping the good people in our communities. Whether it is North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, or even Idaho, Strategic Planning Group is going to be a transformational force in our community by helping to increase your wealth, multi-generational legacy planning, charitable gifts, and financial planning strategies by advocating for our valued clients, and those that they care most about, by utilizing a process that protects and maximizes their wealth potential and allows for the control and enjoyment of that wealth.