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Special Needs

Our Family, Our Future

No one expects to become a parent of a child with special needs. When you are expecting a new child, all you can think about is the joy this new member of the family will bring. So when it happens, it changes your world in ways you never could have imagined. Even with the tremendous joy a child with special needs still brings, your world is altered forever with so many uncertainties and added complexities. Often we find ourselves with many questions, but unsure to whom they should be directed. This is bigger than us and we aren't afraid to ask for help.

We want the best for our child. We have dreams for her just like every other parent has for their son or daughter. It is so different and yet just the same. How can I provide for my child, how can I best love her as a parent, what will happen to her when I am gone? Having a financial professional to help plan for our child’s well-being and future is crucial to our peace of mind but not just any financial professional. We want someone who cares about our daughter and her future. Knowing that our child will be provided for financially should something happen to us, her parents, provides us a peace of mind. Our daughter's life may not be what others consider normal but it will be for us. Filled with love, joy, and the best quality of life we can provide.


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