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Medical Professionals

You Want to Heal People, Keep Them Healthy, and See Them Flourish

As a medical professional, you have invested your time, talent, and treasure in learning how to help people. As you have matured in your practice and discipline, the altruistic purpose of your life has collided with several practical aspects of being a medical professional, namely: making money, staying current on best practices, navigating the political morass, being on the front lines of healthcare, and succeeding.

How can you best pursue your passion, build a practice, save lives, and make people healthy? By completely focusing on it. The only way to completely focus on your purpose is to find some way to not get bogged down in the practical aspects previously mentioned. The team here at SPG, led by Dr. Parks, specializes in helping medical professionals do what they love, pursue their passion, and live their purpose by creating strategies to protect, grow, accumulate, and preserve your wealth. When money is no longer your master but a tool, it opens a whole world of opportunity.


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