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Trisomy Awareness Month

March 14, 2019

March is Trisomy Awareness Month. The 13th was Trisomy 13 Day. In honor of my granddaughter, I wore yellow and green, the colors that represent Trisomy 13 advocacy. Although there are more common forms of Trisomy, the chromosomal defect can occur with almost any pairing. Each day in March is a day to celebrate some family's special angel.

As a brother of a sister with special needs and now a granddaughter with special needs, I have an appreciation for the beauty in each life. Despite the ignorance we have confronted along this journey, I realize that we decide whether we get discouraged or find the wonder in each life to celebrate. You have the power.

Join me this month to reflect on what is important and not to be swayed by the cynics. Love on your family and appreciate every moment that you have been given with each person you touch. Reject the popular wisdom that some lives are worth more than others and rejoice in each moment. Recognize the dignity and rights of each person and do some random act of kindness for someone less fortunate. Let's make each month a celebration of life. May you and your family be richly blessed just as mine.