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Reflecting on Trisomy Awareness Month

March 26, 2019

As Trisomy Awareness month draws to a close, it is always good to take a moment to reflect. Families with a child who has special needs, celebrate each moment they have been given.

The Littlest Princess 

by Tomas H. Parks

They say you weren't meant to be,

An unfortunate twist, a tragedy,

Incompatible, with life they said,

Each new report, a growing dread.


You would not live or if you do,

No life worth living was in view,

The doctors held no hope at all,

Advised to make the kinder call.


God decides our days and lives,

No man orders or contrives,

The wisdom of men is known to fail,

But faith and hope will prevail.


 Your parents knew deep in their heart,

God had called them to play their part,

They put their trust in the One above,

And gave their unconditional love.


Challenges you've made it through,

A hope for many around to view,

A testimony that God reigns above,

A symbol of pure and simple love.


Today we celebrate your special day,

You've beat the odds and made a way,

A joy to all your family,

Our precious princess, always be. 


Tomorrow is a bright new day,

You'll bring joy along the way,

Unwritten yet, your future may be,

Full of love and possibilities.